Justice for All: Combating Sexual Harassment in Malawi’s Courts

Join us for an inside look at a groundbreaking Train-the-Trainer workshop aimed at ending sexual harassment and sextortion in Malawi’s judicial system. This short documentary showcases the efforts of the Gender and Justice Unit (GJU), the Women Judges Association of Malawi (WOJAM – https://www.facebook.com/womenjudgesassociation/), and the Democratic Governance and Rights Unit (DGRU) to create a safer, more responsive court environment.
Highlights include:

  • Insights from key judicial figures on new anti-harassment policies
  • Exclusive footage of trauma-informed response training
  • Interviews with participants on the impact of this initiative
  • Behind-the-scenes look at establishing a support network for harassment victims

Learn how Malawi is taking decisive steps to protect court staff and the public from sexual harassment, setting a powerful example for the entire Southern African Development Community region.
#JudicialReform #GenderEquality #MalawiJustice #EndSexualHarassment

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