Legal clinic in Senior Group Village Head Mwanza

The GJU hones in on legal empowerment as one of the most potent catalysts for gender equality and social justice. Mobile legal clinics have proven effective in providing better access to justice for survivors of gendered violence.
We are excited to continue our partnership with Irish Rule of Law International and to continue to meet victims and survivors at their point of need. These mobile legal clinics aim to improve access and availability of legal aid and trauma counselling services, to assess participants’ level of knowledge on gender and GBV-related issues and to provide appropriate referrals to justice service providers.
Today, #TeamGJU is conducting a legal clinic in Senior Group Village Head Mwanza. Some of the significant issues that have emerged include gambling, gule wamkulu preventing children from returning to school after initiation and various forms of GBV.
Community Victim Support Officers have urged participants not to suffer in silence and to report acts of GVB perpetrated against them.

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