" We aim to implement high-quality feminist programs that advance social justice and gender equality in Malawi "

A non-governmental organisation that hones in on legal empowerment as one of the most powerful catalysts for gender equality as well as social and environmental justice through the use of strategic litigation and partnerships, legal research, and strengthening access to justice through pro bono legal representation and advocacy. 


The vision of the organization is to see a Malawi with citizens who are empowered and engaged, embracing social justice and gender equality


GJU works to facilitate the provision of clinical legal services and enhance the involvement of legal professionals in public interest issues through legal research, writing and advocacy. Further, use information and communication technologies to increase access to justice, enhance legal literacy and enable the widespread distribution of socio-legal research.


Established in 2017

Years of Experience
Main Projects
Partnerships & coalitions
Women helped

Our Works

Advocate for law reforms

This is through probono legal representation, research, advocacy, and regular engagement with women

Advocate for systematic change in public law matter

Collaborating with other organisatins and individuals to change public matters including issues that affect the disadvantaged and environment

Legal research, and writing

Legal research, writing, and advocacy from a south global perspective, critically exploring the tensions between the law and the lived realities of marginalised and vulnerable populations, particularly women and those marginalized due to their gender and/or sexual orientation

Strategic litigation

strategic litigation that promotes reforms on laws and government policies that are avere to gender equality and social justice


Recent News

Mapping count users satisfaction report

GBV response

Research on revenge porn in partnership with reblaw Scotland


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