A legal empowerment organisation that focuses on using the law as a tool for gender equality and social justice in Malawi

Our Works

Advocate for law reforms

This is through probono legal representation, research, advocacy, and regular engagement with women

Advocate for systematic change in public law matter

Collaborating with other organisatins and individuals to change public matters including issues that affect the disadvantaged and environment

Legal research, and writing

Legal research, writing, and advocacy from a south global perspective, critically exploring the tensions between the law and the lived realities of marginalised and vulnerable populations, particularly women and those marginalized due to their gender and/or sexual orientation

Strategic litigation

strategic litigation that promotes reforms on laws and government policies that are avere to gender equality and social justice



To implement high-quality feminist programs that advance social justice and gender equality in Malawi


To see a Malawi with citizens who are empowered and engaged, embracing social justice and gender equality



  • Feminist leadership
  • Inclusion
  • Innovative leadership
  • Integrity
  • Strategic partnership

THEORY OF CHANGE: Legal empowerment

Legal empowerment is the process through which the poor become protected and are enabled to use the law to advance their interests concerning the state and the market. Taking place at both national and local levels, the legal empowerment agenda aims to incorporate the best practices of informal systems into the formal legal system and reform existing institutions to make them more engaged with the laws and processes they are affected by, for example, promoting gender equality and protecting social justice resulting in improved accountability, transparency, and responsiveness in the legal framework



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